Original Pursuits Society About

What is the Original Pursuits Society?

The Original Pursuits Society is an organization dedicated to the creation, and appreciation, of quality art. We are here to help artists and fans. Helping artists includes creating a creative community, building an outlet for creative products, and establishing connections in ability and resource to better artists productivity and quality of life. Helping fans includes sponsorship of events, teams, websites, and communities.

Examples of creativity include video, music, clubs, drawing, writing, programming, websites, games, research, and more. Examples of fan services include a a table top war-game team, official game tournaments, or knowledge bases and communities for particular topics.

There is a central administration for the Original Pursuits Society (OPS) where centralized resources, membership, and distribution are managed. This central administration is known as Master Control, an homage to the movie Tron. Membership in the society gives you a voice in the community, support from such, as well as possible support from Master Control.

Master Control is governed by the cofounders of the Society, Asher and Maus. Under their guidance is the Council made up of various members with the intent of administration. OPS strives to be innovative in its implementation and may not adhere to the traditional ideas of what makes up an organization such as this. However, there is a set of maintained By Laws which determine how matters and issues are to be decided in the public forum.

Where Did This Come From?

Eighteen years ago there was an organization called TCO. It existed between several online members, as well as a large number of local members. The cofounders created an organization dedicated to creativity in the semi-rural area where they lived. For five years this organization flourished and grew to include several works by members, activities, monthly meetings, and a newsletter.

Original Pursuits Society is based on this organization and the profound effect it had on its members and area. TCO provided a welcome place and environment for creative individuals in the county to come together, as the county lacked any real alternative outlets. In the county there were three stoplights, no book store, and a local dial-up BBS hosted by the school district.

OPS wishes to bring this effect to the 21st century using the technologies available that were only dreamed of during TCO’s time. Now we have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Second Life, WordPress, JavaScript, Tablets, Smart Phones, and the list goes on. Many of the things TCO strived for have now been invented in broader more general terms. Now it is time to bring it all back together, utilizing the current technological tools, and create a solid community of creative individuals like it was meant to be.

Is This a Non-Profit? Are There Membership Fees?

OPS is a for-profit organization, but there are no membership fees to join. The cofounders of OPS believe that the pie can always grow larger through trade. As a service to our members we provide an honest marketplace for their creative endeavors where they can dispose of the results of their efforts as they see fit.

We exist through paid services, on donations, and various investments in the community. Many of the projects and products members develop give a suggested amount of the proceeds back to the Original Pursuits Society. There are also various services Master Control offers for various prices. And there are several projects in the works as of this writing (2015) that are planned to generate additional income. We don’t necessarily do things to make money, we make money so we can do things.

Do I Own My Work?

OPS may not claim any intellectual property rights to anything a member produces, despite its contributions. All members own their own creations and may dispose of them as they see fit. The Original Pursuits Society frowns upon piracy of any form and considers it a very dishonest way of consuming and doing business. As a member, you are not expected to relinquish any of your ideas to a common good or goal, though you may work with others on a common project. On a project to project, member to member basis, intellectual property rights are to be determined at their discretion.


The Original Pursuits Society is a unique and engaging social company out to help artists and creative individuals actualize and pursue their interests. It hopes to become a bridge between culture, technology, society, and a place for unique individuals to share their thoughts and interests. For more information about its activities, services, and sub-organizations please peruse the rest of the site and get involved!