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Looks like we’re off to a great early start.  Member Maus Merryjest has arranged us a space for headquarters in Second Life.  We’ve installed some preliminary structures to serve our purposes.  Maus has a very good eye and they are beautiful!  Here’s what the plot of land looked like before we installed anything:

Here’s an aerial view of our headquarters as they stand now:

The upper floor is the roof top concert venue, as you can see to the left there is a space for a performer.  There are chairs and tables people can sit at to relax and take in the performance.  It’s a little bare at the moment, but with a little work we can get it all laid out.  Below that, under the stairs, you can see my office as well as the bar.  Downwards and to the left we have the open air “patio” space:

Of course, we can’t always be outside right?  So, there’s some chill inside spaces as well.  I love the library look, I just want to read all those books!

It’s really quite pretty, I think.  Here’s the view from my office desk:

As Maus and I were talking over dinner about what exactly the headquarters would consist of I kind of proposed this strange museum, nightclub, concert venue, office thing.  This is not unusual, a creative organization needs a creative space.  So Maus was tasked with finding the least restrictive land we could get, and I think he did a good job.  In fact, below the structure, in the water, lies our first gallery:

So there’s a preliminary structure, ready to be start being used and populated.  Things might change as we move forward and gain resources and outlets.  I’m hoping to start a group called, “The Original Pursuits Society” with a nominal membership fee.  The fee is purely to be used to pay for land and building costs, and you don’t have to join the SL group to be a member of the Society, just sign up on the site for free.

You can find the headquarters at the following URL:


Maus and I will be setting our sights on further expansion and organization so stay tuned while we garner a bit of interest.  We’ll also be setting the rest of the headquarters up   And of course, feel free to stop by any time!


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  1. July 9, 2017

    […] ask? Visit here for more information.  This site is actually part of the OPS network.) we set up a new headquarters in Second Life (SL Link).  At the same time my avatar, that is the 3D model that represents you in […]

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